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4/20 Cannabinaceae Education and Guided Meditation

Join us for an evening of plant education, herbal medicine, relaxation and mental expansion! We will be celebrating 4/20 with a plant education workshop, focusing on the beautiful Cannabinaceae family. Go in depth with Prismatic Paradigm as we take you through the multitude of ways that this plant family heals the body and learn more about safe and effective ways to properly dose and explore both Cannabis and Hops.

There will be a guided meditation for the final half hour of the class where we will ingest Hops tincture and explore the ways that this plant family imparts a serene, relaxed, and focused perspective on our minds. You will be guided by not only our voices, but the sounds of a crystal singing bowl as well. Crystal singing bowls help raise our vibration and reach mental states we may not have achieved on our own. The vibrations given off by crystal singing bowls penetrates deep into our physical being for added healing and growth. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to connect with plants, connect with yourself, and connect with your highest consciousness.

Don't hesitate to purchase tickets! The first five tickets sold will be half off. You can purchase tickets here.

*Prismatic Paradigm will not be providing any mats or pillows during this mediation. Please bring your own mats, meditation pillows, blankets, etc. There will be some chairs provided for those than do not wish to sit or lie on the ground. We suggest not consuming the Hops tincture if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can of course still take place in the guided meditation!

**There will be no consumption of Cannabis on the premises during this event.